Sunday, April 29, 2007

Chukars lose both games to Big Bend

No good news to report from Saturday's games. The Chukars pitched well, but didn't have the hitting to go along with it. We are now tied for second place with CBC in the Eastern division. It was good though, to see Landon after the past two weeks. He took us and Grandpa and Grandma Rich to Brewsky's Broiler, where we had some great food for supper.

Landon stayed and visited in our room later, and we talked more than we have in months! It is fun to just sit back and listen as he and Rog talk the "baseball lingo"......I learned that there is a lot of "etiquette" in baseball. Did you know:
* Outfielders should never run across the infield
* No one should ever play catch in the infield
* No one should step on the foul lines
* The catcher ALWAYS waits for the pitcher, when running out for introductions

We'll miss Wednesday's game in Pendleton Oregon, against Blue Mountain....but will head back up next weekend.

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