Sunday, May 06, 2007

Great Weekend at Ontario

  • Click on this link for photos of this past weekend

  • The Chukars were able to win the first game, but lost the second. They had some awesome hitting in the first, but struggled in the second. Baumann was not happy, and ordered them off the field (when they were putting it to bed). This ended up being a "good" thing for us, as Landon was able to meet with all of his family at Pizza Hut. We had quite the crew, Mark and Carrie Dickson brought their four boys, Jaden, Devin, Dallin and Dax (this was the first time that Lando got to see little Dax who is only 2 months old) Grandpa and Grandma Dickson, Kacey Brooks, and Roger and Gwen (mom and dad) as usual. After dinner, Kacey and Jaden hung out with Landon at the dorms, got a tour of Ontario, and had a great time. Roger is heading back to Ontario on Wednesday (up AND back in one day) to watch the game with CBC. We are hoping for wins, because Landon just informed us that ONLY the top 4 teams go to the playoffs on the 18th-19th. The Bad news - TVCC is sitting in 5th place after this weekend. The Good News - We are only down 2 games from 1st place, with 4 games to go. Hope the boys can make the cut !

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